Who Controls the Legal Online Sabong and e-Sabong Businesses in the Philippines?

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In the Philippines, betting on cockfighting is actually allowed! However, because to COVID-19 limitations, this type of gaming has shifted to E-sabong or online Sabong International since cockfighting events are still not permitted.

The chairman of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), Andrea Domingo, declared that only two businesses are now approved to lawfully run E-sabong or online Sabong International: Atong Ang and Bong Pineda are the owners of Belvedere Corp. and Lucky 8 Starquest, respectively.

After paying the Php75 million performance bond required by PAGCOR, the gambling industry heavyweights were permitted to lawfully operate online “Sabong” or cockfighting businesses.


As long as the businesses have a license to operate, Domingo confirmed that gaming Sabong 888 online is legal.

The majority of the money earned, she continued, goes to President Rodrigo Duterte’s social coffers. These funds are then utilized to support hospitals and increase the budget for providing cash assistance to Filipino individuals throughout the pandemic.

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Illegal E-Sabong International Operators

Oriental Capital Venture, Encuentro, and Magnus were three further businesses who attempted to apply for a license but failed to make the required performance bond payment.

The PAGCOR chairman stated that they discovered two unlawful E-Sabong International operators that are taking bets online without a license: sabonginternational.com and kingsportslive.com, despite the fact that it doesn’t appear like these businesses are breaking the law.


Domingo claimed that congressmen run both illegal sabotage websites, but he did not identify the politicians or state where they are from.

Where to Purchase an E-Sabong License The processing and issuing of licenses for E-sabong 888 operations, as well as associated tasks for off-site wagering/betting on live cockfighting contests and online/remote streaming activities, are handled by the E-Sabong Licensing Department (ESLD) of PAGCOR.

Who is the owner of Pitmaster Sabong?

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation granted licenses to run to two online sabong live (cockfighting) operators, Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. of Pitmaster Live and Belvedere Corporation (PAGCOR).

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Is online sabong agent legal?

Online Sobong International is now prohibited after President Duterte ordered its suspension following allegations that kids were permitted to wager and that a number of gamblers had racked up millions of dollars in debt as a result of their addiction to the game.

Who regulates e-sabong?

In addition to approving their relevant E-Sabong platform and trademark, PAGCOR must license E-Sabong Operators. 8. To provide, activate, deploy, and/or operate E-Sabong, you must be a PAGCOR-accredited E-Sabong 888 Operator with an approved E-Sabong Platform and brand. 1.

Is sabong taxable?

Although not covered by Pagcor’s license, operators’ service income from E-sabong international operations and other associated income “shall be subject to ordinary income tax, VAT or percentage tax based on the threshold, withholding tax, and other taxes, as may be deemed appropriate.”

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